I’ve been a busy beaver the last few days.

I have a client that is going through a time of personal growth in her life, and as part of the new-life celebration she commissioned a piece of artwork. it combines a few things that she places some symbolism with although I wouldn’t be able to tell you what those symbols mean. Here’s what I came up with:



Maybe it’s because the creativity is guided, or maybe it’s because it’s not entirely my original idea but sometimes commissioned work feels a little like cheating. Is that normal for an artist to feel that way? There are points when I’ll call up a friend and spout off a few things and wait for a response, as I often need at least a little inspiration, but something about the specifics of content, colour, and placement being decided for me seems not quite right.. it has a very appealing side in that I’m not responsible for those decisions, but at the same time, it’s a bit of a odd feeling. I suppose I just haven’t done many commissioned works, so that might be it.

Regardless, I’m quite happy to  bring this blast of colour to the world, and to her world especially.

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7 thoughts on “Commissioned

  1. In situations where, as you so eloquently put it, “your creativity is guided”, all you can do is do what you’ve been asked to do with as much care and craft as you can muster. Now I don’t know if you feel you’ve done that, but it’s sure beautiful.

  2. Reply to: surrogate
    – why thank you! and thank you for saying that I was able to put something eloquently. Means a lot seeing as I can barely put a sentence together half the time.

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